Handmade Turkish Delight on a bench

Turkish delight, also knows as Locum, dates back around 230 years and was once the chic amongst the socialities of Istanbul when sweethearts exchanged it as tokens of their love for each other.

This is my handmade Turkish Delight on a bench. The bench has a certain nostalgia because it’s made from the original front gate of our house which we recycled into a functional bench which has lived on our tiny little front deck for so many years now.  I absolutely love the delicate rosewater taste of turkish delight and the prettiness of the pink colour coated in white powdery sugar.  I made this years ago and was so sure that it contained no gelatine (only cornflour) but this recipe is far simpler, using gelatine.  On researching this delicacy I found that the traditional recipe does indeed involve binding only flour and water but is trickier to make.  I think I’ll try that next, that way I can also treat my halaal friends to a piece of this delectable fragrant treat.

Turkish Delight

Ingredients (for approximately 50 pieces)

Neutral tasting oil (such as sunflower oil), for greasing
25g powdered gelatine
260ml water
450g caster sugar
3–4 tsp rosewater (to taste)
A few drops of pink or red food colouring (optional)

For dusting:
3 tbsp icing sugar
1 tsp cornflour

Combine the castor sugar, gelatine and water in a pot and heat gently, whilst stirring all the time, until the gelatine and sugar are completely dissolved.

Simmer for 20 minutes then remove from the heat.

Next, add the rose pink colouring using enough to make the syrup beautifully pastel or vibrantly pink, depending on what you prefer.  If you use red colouring, use only a small drop, maybe two, to obtain the same pink colour.

Pour into a pan, lightly greased with flavourless oil (sunflower works)

Cover with paper towel or a cloth and leave to set for 24 hours

Sieve together icing sugar and cornflour then sprinkle a little onto a board and turn the turkish delight onto the surface for slicing

The turkish delight will be very gooey and stretchy, quite difficult to work with but make immediately the sweet comes into contact with the icing sugar mix it’ll cooperate.  Slice into strips then into cubes, about 2cm - 3cm square then toss into a bowl of icing sugar/cornflour mix.

Toss the cubes of turkish delight into a bowl of powdered sugar and cornflour before storing the treat in airtight jars or just devouring it on the spot!